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Adelaide Cold Laser Pain Relief Clinic regularly treats neck (cervical spine) pain due to causes ranging from low level nerve irritation to car accidents (Whiplash). In addition, herniated (bulging) or degenerative disc conditions lead to sustained nerve pain and inflammation that require treatment. Protective muscle spasms often result from the original cause and can also contribute to neck pain which then often radiates down the neck and into the shoulders. In many, if not most patients we treat, nerve irritability is very high.

Low level laser therapy (or cold laser) is the latest cutting edge Neck pain treatment that disrupts the pain signals along the nerves allowing the nerves to de-sensitised over cumulative treatments. The anti-inflammatory effect from laser therapy also allows the area time to regenerate.  Low level laser therapy is the most evidence-based treatment for Neck pain and many patients prefer to try a non-invasive therapy before investigating surgical intervention.

Adelaide Cold Laser exclusively chooses Multi Radiance Cold Laser technology becauseit is one of the few therapeutic laser manufacturers in the world to secure the NHN (non-heating) product class FDA 510(k) clearance. After extensive review and evaluation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently cleared Multi Radiance Medical’s Multi Radiance MR4 Laser technology for neck and shoulder pain relief under the Product Classification NHN.

Please follow the link to read the Press Release :  January 26th 2018



Age: 55 y o
Occupation: Home Duties
Condition: Chronic (L) Neck Pain
Duration: 15 years
Treatment: 27 Treatments ‘improved’ opted for maintenance on a monthly basis


Age: 78 y o
Occupation: Retired
Condition: Neck and Low Back Pain
Duration: 6 weeks
Treatment: 4 Treatments ‘greatly improved’


Age: 75 y o
Occupation: Retired Farmer
Condition: keen Bowls player, Neck and shoulder Pain
Duration: Chronic 10 years ++
Treatment: 13 Treatments ‘no worse, no better’


Age: 58 y o
Occupation: Office Worker
Condition: Chronic Neck Pain
Duration: 20 years
Treatment: 20 Treatments ‘improved, less pain’



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