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Whether due to overuse or direct force, Adelaide Cold Laser low level laser therapy (or cold laser) can be very effective in treating acute or chronic sporting injuries due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. There is a wide body of research to support the use of laser as a treatment for sporting injuries. In addition, cold laser is known to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to clear excess fluid build-up which often accompanies sporting injuries.

Adelaide Cold Laser Pain Relief Clinic treat sprains, muscle strains, repetitive strains and tears, tendonitis and soft tissue injuries with low level laser. Standard treatments for common sports injuries include elevate, rest, anti-inflammatories and ice (RICE). Laser therapy treatment can often speed up the healing process due to the effect it has at a cellular level.  Acute injuries often respond and heal more quickly than chronic complaints to laser therapy. Latest research is now recommending the (MELT) protocol, Move, Elevate, Laser, Tape as seen across Europe and The United States professional sporting bodies.

Even the Olympic Games Committee has recognised the natural healing benefits of this wonderful technology and given its approval for the use in performance enhancement and pre and post exercise recovery!


Research: Using Phototherapy to Prevent Fatigue with Dr. Ernesto Leal-Junior



Real People, Real Results……
Mark 28yo Weekend warrior Football player
5 year history of reoccurring Left Hamstring Pull

Every season he would ‘tank’ just before the finals
6 Treatments ‘felt better than expected’ made the finals!


Age: 22 y o
Occupation: PRO ATHLETE Down Hill Cycling
Condition: Recent injury whilst training
Duration: 5 days Dislocation (L) Shoulder, Swollen (L) Ankle
Treatment: 5 Treatments ‘Shoulder and Ankle improved ahead of expectation”


Age: 25 y o
Occupation: Professional Cyclist
Condition: Hip and Knee pain post-race accident unable to heal completely
Duration: 6 months
Treatment: 7 Treatments ‘Doesn’t notice knee, hip feels stronger’


Age: 25 y o
Occupation: Cricketer
Condition: Bursitis( R )Shoulder Chronic (R ) Ankle Injury
Duration: over 5 years ankle injury never healed restricted everyday activities due to aching and soreness
Treatment: 28 Treatments both resolved


Age: 45 y o
Occupation: Cricketer
Condition: Chronic (L ) Shoulder Pain as a result of dislocation
Duration: 18 years
Treatment: 2 Treatments ‘Improved movement, less restricted’



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