Everyone is affected by COVID-19

We at Adelaide Cold Laser exclusively choose MultiRadiance Lasers because they are constantly researching the many positive, clinical effects of photobiomodulation on the human body.

This company has over 30 peer-reviewed published studies validating its technology as safe and effective for pain relief and accelerated recovery.

Most recently, Drs. Fabio Francio, Ernesto Leal-Junior, and Thiego DeMarchi, commenced a trial study on the use of low-level laser therapy (photobiomodulation/cold laser therapy) for general improvement of hospitalised COVID-19 patients in intensive care units by decreasing the length of hospitalisation of these patients through improved ventilation and immune response, and decreasing inflammation.

Dr. Leal-Junior’s previous work, on human performance enhancement, with light-based therapy at the Laboratory of Phototherapy and Innovative Technology, caught the interest of researchers at the Hospital Tacchini located in Bento Goncalves – Brazil.

Any further support, beyond medication, that can be provided towards the recovery of COVID-19 patients, hospitalised or not, is surely welcome as we move towards overcoming this chapter of our lives.

MultiRadiance have released two articles regarding this study and its outcomes which have been uploaded to our website for further reading.

You can read them here.


Plus you can read more about the full trial here: