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Migraine is one of the more common conditions we treat with cold laser therapy at Adelaide Cold Laser. Treatment reduces the nerve activity in the upper neck region which can stimulate the migraine epicentre.  Many patients choose Cold laser therapy because they report that 1) their medication does not alleviate the pain and 2) there can be too many side-effects from medication including weight gain. Further, long term medication use can cause side-effects that can lead to other medical problems.

Migraine treatment with cold laser will generally include treating both the neck and scalp areas and patients of all ages can be treated.

Many patients opt for Cold laser therapy pain relief which penetrates at the cellular level as a supportive modality for their body’s natural healing ability. Low level laser is a safe, non-invasive, painless modality to treat this condition.


Age: 51 y o
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Condition: Chronic Migraine
Duration: 10 years ++
Treatment: 33 Treatments ‘significantly improved and reduced medications’


Age: 60 y o
Occupation: Retired Small Business Owner
Condition: Daily Headaches
Duration: 10 years ++
Treatment: 28 Treatments ‘feeling great, significantly reduced medication’


Age: 50 y o
Occupation: Librarian
Condition: Disability Pensioner Constant Headaches, PTSD, Fibromyalgia
Duration: 12 years
Treatment: 21 Treatments ‘symptoms and medication reduced considerably, GP very happy with results’



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