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Nerve pain is one of the most common complaints we see at Adelaide Cold Laser. We treat conditions such as sciatica, pain from shingles, neuropathic pain and impinged nerves throughout the body. Treatment of Nerve pain normally includes painkillers but they often address the symptoms without addressing the causes of nerve pain. Cold laser has nil known side-effects, is safe, non-invasive and can be tolerated by nearly all patients.

When applied, laser treatment for nerve pain ‘disrupts’ the pain signals travelling along the nerves. Over cumulative treatments laser therapy (or cold laser) desensitises the affected nerves which typically results in decreasing pain. Depending on the body’s response a sustained reduction in nerve irritability can be achieved.  Diagnosis of nerve compression or entrapment can often be overlooked as a cause of pain.

Inflammation of the tendons throughout the body can result in persistent pain known as tendonitis which can also limit mobility. One of the major responses from low level laser therapy (or cold laser) is an anti-inflammatory effect.  Whilst tendinopathies can present in all parts of the body the common areas include the shoulder, elbows and Achilles. Limited treatments exist for tendinitis and usually include medication such as NSAIDs.

Non-invasive and painless laser therapy works to restore damaged cells to their prior state which in turn aids in the repair of tissue.


Age: 44 y o
Occupation: Hairdresser Tendonitis Thigh
Condition: Sore Wrists
Duration: Chronic 5 years ++
Treatment: 24 Treatments ‘resolved’ continues on maintenance @ 6 weekly enjoys the ‘wellness’ benefits


Age: 64 y o
Occupation: Retired, Actively involved in sports especially kayaking
Condition: Shoulder Tendonitis
Duration: 8 months
Treatment: 6 Treatments ‘happy with pain reduction and discomfort’


Age: 50 y o
Occupation: Office Worker
Condition: Bilateral Tendinosis / Tennis Elbow
Duration: 8 months
Treatment: 2 Treatments ‘felt relaxed post treatment and better’



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