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Shoulder pain and Bursitis are commonly seen at Adelaide Cold Laser.

Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa which is a small sac containing fluid to lubricate moving parts. Standard treatments available include mobilisation, dry-needling, NSAIDS or passive exercises however most of the patients that present to us are suffering pain levels so great they are unable to engage in their usual daily activities. Low level laser therapy (or cold laser) can be very effective at reducing inflammation with no side-effects.

‘Laser light can unblock the inflammatory processes that have become stuck and chronic over time and quickly move it to a normal resolution. This leads to a decrease in swelling, pain and inflammation. ‘

Dr. Norman Doidge, The Brain’s Way of Healing

Adelaide Cold Laser Pain Relief Clinic’s Low level laser Therapy is an ideal safe,non-invasive, painless modality to treat this condition. Over cumulative treatments, continued reduction in inflammation and pain can lead to improved mobility.


Age: 61 y o
Occupation: -
Condition: Shoulder Bursitis
Duration: 8 weeks
Treatment: 6 Treatments ‘improved dramatically’


Age: 65 y o
Occupation: Home Duties
Condition: Shoulder Pain
Duration: 9 years
Treatment: 10 Treatments ‘felt better’


Age: 60 y o
Occupation: Home Duties
Condition: Neck Pain and Thoracic Syndrome
Duration: over 5 years Chronic
Treatment: 6 Treatments ‘feeling better’


Age: 88 y o
Occupation: Home Duties
Condition: Shoulder and Neck restriction
Duration: 5 years Chronic
Treatment: 6 Treatments ‘absolutely thrilled with results’


Age: 46 y o
Occupation: Teacher
Condition: Shoulder and Neck Pain
Duration: Acute 48 hours
Treatment: 1 Treatment ‘feeling great’


Age: 55 y o
Occupation: Public Transport Driver
Condition: Shoulder Bursitis
Duration: 20 years Chronic
Treatment: 20 Treatments ‘resolved’



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